Video Poker's Interesting History

If you could see what the very first video poker device looked like, you might not feel very excited to play it. Play free casino games on the casino sites you can find at A simplistic device built in 1870 by Dale Electronics, it was very primitive. The evolution of video poker machines has provided this popular activity with an expansive history filled with interesting facts.

Industry Growth

After the 1870 Pokermatic dud, companies continued trying to improve technology. In 1879, SIRCOMA, which is now known as IGT, produced a machine called DrawPoker that was a little more successful and proved to be the beginning of the video poker industry under Reputable Software. By the 1980s, video poker was one of the most popular games at the casinos due to its skill and luck combination that kept it interesting. With the rise of the Internet, an even bigger wave of attention came to video poker and it was introduced into the lives of a whole new generation of players.

How Online Casinos Changed the Game

1994 saw the first online casino being launched into the gaming world, changing it forever. Video poker could now be accessed by anyone, anywhere, any time, and it even starting coming in a multitude of flashy themes to suit any taste, you can play it at Bwin casino. Players loved this and relished playing at home and not having to get dressed up and travel to the casino. There are now many variations of the game available at reputable online casinos via instant download for the player's convenience.

Video poker history has come a long way, enjoit at the Red Flush online casino online, but only time can tell how much further the technology will advance in the future. Keep the following casino link in your bookmarks. You will be able to view all the new deals that are being added to major online casino platforms. Such info can help you to make a decision and stick with it. Follow the good advice at the canada casino list site. Gamers everywhere look forward to the positive changes to the industry that are bound to happen eventually.